domestic wood flooring Enterprises

but in fact the results of this ruling on all domestic wood flooring Enterprises also have legal effect. This also means that many of the floor business to strengthen or abandon the US market, or 'spending money' to the United States North Carolina floor company one-time payment of 100,000 to 120,000 US dollars,
plus 0.65 per square meter US dollar patent fees. "Meng Ying reluctantly said:" coupled with Canada and other countries in 2006 to China's wood flooring enterprises to add nearly 30% of the anti-dumping duties, more emphasis on local enterprises to develop the load of Europe and the United States market. "According to China's forest industry Association statistics,
China's exports to the United States to strengthen the floor of the wood about 30 million square meters / year. Meng Ying also considered pen accounts, if they want to sell in the US market, we must bear the annual $ 19.5 million in patent fees. While the domestic wood flooring export price of not more than 50 yuan / square meter, the average profit margin of less than 10%.
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