Concrete slipforming alliance between Miller Formless and Guntert

For many concrete paving applications, versatility is required rather than a high production rate. Leading paver manufacturers such as Gomaco, Power Curbers, Terex and Wirtgen all offer high mobility machines that can be adjusted to cope with an array of tasks. For a contractor,tar boiler machine producers the advantage of these smaller pavers is that they can be configured quickly to carry out an array of jobs such as gutter, barrier and variable width surfaces. High mobility means these units can be moved comparatively quickly from site to site, while the units can also handle tight radii and some models (such as GOMACO's latest GT-3600 or the 2700-C from Power Curbers) can even be set up to carry out left or right side pouring.

In addition to offering versatility and mobility, these machines are able to meet tight quality specifications for finish and some units are well-suited to use with the latest GPS and laser-based stringless controls. A very high production rate and a high quality finish have been achieved by a contractor carrying out concrete paving work on a tricky project in St Louis, in the US state of Missouri. The firm has used sophisticated control technology on its paver to meet a tight schedule and has used the equipment to slipform nine tight radii,cheap high quality road asphalt paver parking lot islands, in a single day. The contractors used its GOMACO GT-3600 paver and equipped this machine with the latest Leica stringless control system to help achieve the accurate steering requirements needed for this work. The GT-3600 model is a versatile machine designed to cope with an array of slipforming operations including tight turns due to its steering design.

The project was in the parking area for the new St Louis City Casino and the company slipformed 610mm wide gutters with a 152mm kerb, in radii as tight as 457mm. Steering of the paver was controlled by the Leica PaveSmart system, which is specified for kerb and gutter applications and uses GPS and 3D components. By using this technology the contractor was able to carry out the work quickly and accurately, while reducing setting out costs by eliminating the need for stringlines for the slipformer to follow. The project has also included kerb and gutter slipformed at specific angles, as well as straight-aways, adding to the complexity of the work.

Meanwhile US contractor, Oklahoma-based Schwarz Paving, is finding its Terex SF2204C HVW concrete paver meets its needs for a versatile machine. The contractor focuses primarily on work for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma City municipal government and surrounding counties, and private developers. The firm has specialised in concrete production and paving for over 60 years,analysis of road market although it broadened its range when it bought out an asphalt paving firm a few years ago.

Schwarz carries out municipal jobs up to 100km from its base and works on an array of mixed concrete and asphalt intersection paving projects for the most part. A typical job would be to pave a 91.4m section with concrete and finish this with asphalt. The intersections would often require a combination of 4.3m and 3.7m paving widths, so the firm would use two machines set at these widths. As making width changes could take up to four days,kinetic road machine best price it was easier to have its machines set at predetermined widths and the firm had four pavers in all to meet its paving needs. Although this suited projects where no width changes were required, carrying out variable width paving on exit ramps was more complex and the firm found it easiest to sub-contract this work. And where a project required an intersection with a flared fifth turn lane, the paving crew had to carry out an additional pass.

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