Concrete paving meets demanding airport conditions

US manufacturers have long dominated the concrete paving sector with well-known firms such as Gomaco, Guntert & Zimmerman, Power Curbers, Power Pavers and Terex all being based in the US,concrete pavement milling machine index while German firm Wirtgen is Europe's leading contender in this market. However there is some jostling for position in the concrete paving sector, with some of the players looking to enter new segments. This change comes all from established firms looking to expand their horizons though, rather than from aggressive new entrants to the sector.

Other parts of the equipment market have to contend with issues over copying of designs. But in concrete paving, the prospect of a Far Eastern manufacturer for example presenting a truly competitive machine in the near-mid term is extremely slim and even in the long term,used road construction equipment this seems unlikely. Because concrete paving is a comparatively niche market with established players, entering the sector with a rival design would present a significant challenge and given the comparatively limited volume, the commercial prospects would not be large while the risks would be high.

Some Far Eastern firms have attempted to copy proven concrete paver designs from established manufacturers but these have so far been less than successful. The fact that concrete slipforming entails considerably more than just the machine means that simply building a piece of equipment that resembles a proven unit does not guarantee success. Building a durable,sealing asphalt driveway productive and reliable concrete paver entails an understanding of materials technology and how steels cope when in contact with abrasive concrete. At the same time the designer of a concrete paving machine has to comprehend the behaviour of the concrete itself during the slipforming process.

As a result the real competition is coming from within the existing players. Earlier this year Wirtgen announced its intention to enter the US market, with models developed specially for North American users. And more recently Guntert & Zimmerman has revealed that it is developing a more compact machine than its previous designs,buy concrete curb machine having focussed in previous years on extremely large pavers for applications such as canal construction.

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