The substrate is poor, the main use of the substrate manufacturers of defective substrate and medium density plate, unstable quality and the standard of formaldehyde, which can smell a pungent odor, and even cause dizziness and nausea.Its products can produce a index more than regular brands "test report".
The wear resistance is poor, more than regular brands in the 33-45g/m2, fake and low-quality laminate flooring in 28g/m2 the following may not even have wear-resisting layer (commonly known as ammonia). The price is low, usually less than $40, and the installation of the package and the package of accessories.
The non-package installation can be cheaper?Answer: It can be cheaper to $5-10.We suggest that the consumer is better to let our professional and technical personnel for the installation of you, there are often many of the problems are caused by the lack of professional installation.
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