solid wood flooring

The process of the development of the wood industry in China has experienced the following three stages: the beginning of 80s to the beginning of 90s.The initial 10 years of the main kinds of unpainted wood flooring solid wood flooring blocks, small size of flat more; In the beginning of 90s to 1994.
Then appeared on the market with the tongue-and-groove wood floor paint, a lot of the other species, there are bamboo, a three-layer solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring; 1994 To the present.Laminate flooring 1994 to enter the Chinese market to imported products as the leading factor, is mainly imported from Europe, most of the enterprises in Germany.
"Antibacterial" has become "environmental protection", laminate flooring is injected into another new concept, the antibacterial property of the floor has become a concern when consumers to buy the floor indicators.
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