on-formaldehyde added floor

Dell introduced this non-formaldehyde added floor, which is used as a raw material called soy protein. marine composites how to manufacturedIt is developed by more than 20 Chinese Academy of Sciences from the United States Dr. Soybean meal as raw materials to water for the scattered media, the use of nanotechnology, so that does not contain formaldehyde, phenol and other harmful substances, to subvert the traditional aldehyde adhesive.[url=http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-fence/3503.html]2x4 maintenance free railing[/url] In addition, Dell's original well-structured patent for the soybean protein glue to provide the best carrier. The patented technology combines the three patented technologies of "prestressed wood flooring", "structure finger plate", "one finger board

floor", excellent stability and environmental performance.add new fence to existing fence It is understood that, in order to meet the German non-formaldehyde added floor of this revolutionary well structure technology, truly from the source to achieve environmental protection, Dell spent millions, successfully developed the country's first non-formaldehyde production line. In the final installation link, the addition of non-formaldehyde flooring is also unique. The product combines the latest patented Dell's patented technology,[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/composite/6690.html]hollow composite wood decking uae[/url] the installation without the use of glue, hand hit it off. Moreover, with the unique product of the well-dense structure of the patented technology, the lock pull is

several times the other button, it is amazing. Industry leaders and experts also pointed out that the health of China's home environment is not optimistic, which is the public generally growing home health demands in sharp contrast. In this case, environmental technology and product inexpensive but quality railings for decksR & D and production become an important factor in measuring corporate social responsibility, Del as an advocate of environmental protection floor and technology leader, in this regard is an example of the industry. Learned from the manufacturers, the product has been listed since 2013,[url=http://weidnerinvest.com/composite/160.html]how to peel twigs for railing[/url] in the country caused a wave of panic buying, there was a hot situation in short

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