Solid wood furniture easy to crack how to maintain?

Solid wood furniture, heat resistance is generally poor, so when used to try to stay away from heat. Under normal circumstances, to try to avoid direct sunlight, because the strong ultraviolet light will cause solid wood furniture paint fade; In addition, can exudes a strong heat heating,small table and 4 chairs lighting will make solid wood furniture deformation, should be as far away as possible; Directly to the hot cup, teapot and other things on the solid wood furniture, otherwise it will burn solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture, although durable, but its paint can easily fade. To this end, you must always wax the furniture. You can first wipe with a wet cloth wiping some neutral detergent gently wipe the surface of the furniture, rub the time to follow the texture of wood,furniture rattan stackbale arm chair after cleaning, and then dry cloth or sponge dipped in a professional wood wipe. Wax to the center as the origin, the first four weeks and then the middle. But the wax is best not to be too frequent, 1-2 times a year better.

Tenon structure for solid wood furniture and its important, in the event of loose, off, solid wood furniture can not continue to use. Therefore, we usually have to pay attention to see whether these parts of the parts off, degumming, tenon break, mortise loose and so on. If screws and other parts fall off,outdoor restaurant chairs and tables you can first clean the screw holes, and then fill in the hole with a fine wood, and finally re-installed screws. If the tenon is broken, please require professional service personnel to deal with.

Winter indoor humidity compared to the outside but higher, so the winter window ventilation, will only make the outside of the cold air come in, so that the room becomes more dry. Therefore, it is recommended that the home of solid wood furniture more families in the winter should reduce the window ventilation time and frequency, in order to maintain the appropriate indoor humidity. Also note that solid wood furniture should be avoided on the vents.

Winter cold, in order to keep warm every household will be equipped with a heater. Sometimes in order to heat from the near, they will not feel the heater will be pulled next to solid wood furniture. As everyone knows, these furniture fear of high temperature,stainless steel patio furniture sets long time high temperature baking, easy to make wood loss of water, the occurrence of local chapped, deformation, film deterioration. It is best to put the solid wood furniture at least 1 meter from the heater.

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