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Association of forest of tower city land (Tas Land And Forest) results of responsible government forest, reach a help private gardens advocate development market. Kent Li holds association general manager high (Kent Lyon) express, since this year bay yuan price of the hardwood after dropping more excel before, trend is steady;

As winter of the Northern Hemisphere advent supplies shrink, corky demand and price all day-to-day climb litre. Lyons explanation, cork kind one producible piece 7, 8 kinds of products, hardwood yields only normally 2, 3 kinds. At present the hub market besides the standard, flay log market also is growing. Australia farming endowment economy and Scientific Service (Australian Bureau Of Agricultural And Resource Economics And Sciences) newest reportorial confirm of industry of tower city forest grow.

Data shows, 2015 the first, estimation of total output of 2 quarters log grew 8% , 2014-15 year gross exceeded 27 million stere; End this year August, tower city lumber and hub exit already rose 30% , production value is amounted to 35 million bay yuan. Pentarch forestry company is built went up this tide. "[url=]no formaldehyde balcony decking[/url],[url=]white stock made fence plastic[/url],[url=]deck rustic solid vs hollow[/url],[url=]decking tiles brisbane north[/url]"
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