Elevated highway planned for Philippines

Proposals have been put forward for an innovative elevated highway stretch in the Philippines. The proposed route would run from the Delpan Bridge in the capital Manila,cheap sell pavement repair machine across the Pasig River and on to the Napindan Bridge in Taguig. The plans have been suggested by the construction firm AKH General Contractor.

In addition to carrying two lanes for traffic in either direction, the 22km elevated highway would also provide a rapid transit system. Called the Integrated Viaduct and Personal Rapid Transit System (IVPRT),asphalt paving prices the project could cut traffic density on the existing EDSA highway by over 23% and help improve journey times for drivers.

The project has an estimated cost of $US1.04 billion and its viability is currently being evaluated by the Philippines Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works.discount sell asphalt machine

dvanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Applications

The Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology (AHMCT) Center was established in 1989 to investigate the application of advanced automation and robotics to highway maintenance and construction. The Center is jointly managed by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the University of California,asphalt pavement maintenance equipment order online Davis (UCD). Base funding is provided by Caltrans, the Federal Highway Administration, UCD, and other public and private sources.

The Center’s research programs use emerging technology, including automation and robotics, to convert many labor-intensive, time-consuming, and tedious operations to safer,asphalt kingdom crack filler faster, and more efficient automated processes. Automation and standardization made possible through technological innovation improve productivity and reliability and reduce transportation system costs. The Center’s five technical areas and sample projects within these areas are described in this article.

The five areas are: Roadway Maintenance and Construction Technology (automated crack sealing machine, robotic system for roadway stenciling, laser-guided lane striping system); Roadside Maintenance and Construction Technology (smart herbicide applicator, laser removal of graffiti,best single drum vibratory roller teleoperated hazmat system); Structure Maintenance and Construction; Work Zone Safety (teleoperated and automated maintenance equipment robotics, tethered mobile robot); and Construction and Maintenance of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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