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uniform Third, high-precision control system Computer control, error very small high-precision control system, you can adjust the amount of control spray (0.2-3.6kg / m2). At present, only our control system can ensure that the sprinkle error within �� 1%. Computer control asphalt pump speed, only need to set the computer per square meter of the amount

of cloth, sprinkler can automatically complete the spray, the car's speed will not affect the amount of cloth. Asphalt sprinkler, construction of the road "helper" Asphalt sprinkler is a black road construction machinery, it is the highway, urban roads, airports and port terminals construction of the main equipment. Asphalt sprinkler can be used to transport and

sprinkle liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residue) when using asphalt pavement and asphalt pavement to build asphalt pavement or asphalt or slag. In addition, asphalt sprinkler can also be ground to the loose soil supply of asphalt binder, the construction of asphalt stabilized soil pavement or pavement base. Asphalt Sprinkler Construction High-grade highway Asphalt pavement The bottom layer of the waterproof layer of the asphalt layer of the waterproofing layer, the asphalt cover in the road

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