316L stainless steel angle steel market price

Today's domestic 316L stainless steel angle steel market prices continue to rise as a whole. According to the Canadian letter of stainless steel data show: today's leading city of Wuxi City profile market a little pick up, traders shipped better, repeatedly offer a small probe, the cumulative up 20-60 yuan, while other cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. continue to maintain Down trend, comprehensive view, 316L stainless steel angle is still the overall trend is not changed.[url=http://stainlesssteelplateprice.com/steel-products/3121.html]310 stainless steel welding wire Hot Sale[/url] Today's Wuxi market thriving, analysis of the reasons, one is yesterday to focus on key areas of the implementation of large trucks forbidden to increase the difficulty of transport business; and Tangshan Fengrun District environmental protection production, increase the difficulty of foreign business replenishment; the second is near the May holiday, Part of the brokers on the market outlook is not clear, there are many gossip has been heard, after May the price may usher in a new wave of gains,[url=http://stainlesssteelprices.com/steel-products/6522.html]seamless stainless steel tube 201[/url] So in the middle of the middle of their own inventory of the situation, the need for a certain amount of hoard goods, so that some of the specifications appear grab goods phenomenon. And other markets for the terminal, the terminal procurement side in the recent decline in the wait-and-see mood has been thick, poor demand, coupled with the needs of traders near the end of the need to return the funds, the cash withdrawal intention is obvious, slightly interest rate, so the price continued down Potential. Today afternoon Tangshan, Changli billet rose 50 yuan to 2450 yuan, under the support of the cost, is expected tomorrow, the domestic profile market or stabilize the shock, but does not rule out the individual market offer on the probe.
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