Application of sand washing machine in the production line

The pebbles are abundant resources, are widely distributed in the world, therefore can obtain raw material locally, reducing the acquisition cost, and will not cause environmental pollution.Finally, after processing the pebbles pebble sand washing machine, uniform finished product grain type, grain grading is reasonable, can effectively increase the compressive strength of the concrete, improve its impermeability, and improve the properties of concrete. Because the pebble has high compressive strength, if the sand washing machine in general use will bring great damage to the machine, wear parts consumption is very huge, which undoubtedly greatly increased the production costs.

So to use the sand pebbles system special machine, sand pebbles system equipment manufacturers pointed out; in addition, but also the reasonable design of the production process, using multiple stage crushing processing technology. The first will be large pebbles uniform delivery to the jaw crusher crushing; particle size by sieving, qualified materials are conveyed to the cone crusher crushing, unqualified is returned to the upper processing; and then the materials are sand making and shaping sand washing machine; finally, through cleaning sand washing machine, you can get high quality sand pebbles.

We are a professional sand pebbles system equipment manufacturers, have many years of production experience. Our equipment imported sand washing machine the fruits of world advanced, and improved and optimized according to characteristics of pebbles, has reached the world advanced level, has been highly recognized by the customers all over the country. It has high yield, stable operation, high quality products, is the system of sand production line of star products. We offer pebble sand washing machine is in the medium level in the same industry, the equipment has a high price. The quotation you can through business leads to our customer service consulting.
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