some large decoration companies

In addition to the monotony of special, cash and other promotions, the "design charges" has become the biggest bright spot yesterday. Jiali decoration company in the exhibition area, 16 designers designated design charges, 30 yuan / square meter. Staff, design fees are the company's chief designer, the day the event is the price, usually 60 yuan / square meter.
Reporters found that the design fees are some large decoration companies, such as Golden Harvest, Australia and China, the Court, etc., are eligible to charge are also chief designer or design director. It is understood that in early 2003, Jiangcheng some home improvement company famous designer organization set up a "design salon",
external advertised design fees, 50 yuan to 100 yuan / square range, experienced a half of the market test, "design fees" Can be rolled out the market, replaced by 90 %% of the home improvement company design costs were washed into the project section, "design free" concept is also deeply rooted. Today, the design fee re-mention the agenda,
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