intensive composite floor

Actually, the purchase of intensive composite floor not staring at these test indicators do not put away, but on comprehensive index evaluation will focus on selected products.As the maturity of the technology of intensive composite floor and progress, the means of detection and determination of the original project has been to show there are many unreasonable places.
Based on the wear-resisting revolution, for example, Due to the detection of tool wear, the difference between the samples and even climate change and other reasons can make the detection data it causes great error, the error is up to 40%.And then assembled as an example, the effect of intensive composite floor When consumers buy Flooring is often only a single block of the Board itself, but pay little attention to the effect after putting together the Board.
So to remind you that in the time of the purchase of intensive composite floor, In addition to checking the floor indicators such as test the wear-resisting revolution, Also note that given green environmental protection symbols, and the effect of field-testing of a simple test method for assembling the floor, vendor samples from different angles the floor of the pavement.
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