refrigeration of prices

it is what price can be done anyway. As the progressively refrigeration of prices, come out is flourishing, it is more good that the business appears do, radiation is loose also high fever falls retreat, the market restores a balance stage by stage...Too area hemlock price is in the storehouse radiation is loose " do not wish to lower his head again below abasement " , the price is strong, small go up 20 yuan!

Whole market order reduces the near future relatively, the end of the year the desire that grab sheet is weak, whole big environment " each doing his own job " , integral prices slants Yu Ping is firm. Chongqing area environmental protection and power cut are sharp near end, the start working before hopeful section, whether does the price fly flow to issue 3000 rule continuously?

Let our wait and see what happens. Guangxi inventory as before enough, order not all, when good equation of time, chongqing shutdown, partial order turns to deliver goods from Guangxi. Big plant of Guangdong near future is talked to be absent about a few, the environmental protection that bring watch does not have a thing to sit, "[url=]solid wood composite floor[/url],[url=]wood balcony floor covering[/url],[url=]outdoor plank flooring for patio[/url]"
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