Introduction and classification of asphalt sprinkler

Technical Analysis of Matching and Stirring of Asphalt Mixture. Asphalt pavement construction process, the important performance of asphalt mixed materials include: water stability, fatigue resistance, high temperature stability and durability. In the ratio of asphalt mixture, in order to be able to increase the high temperature stability of asphalt, it is necessary to increase the aggregate particles, reduce the amount of oil used,[url=]the first time surface wiki[/url] but the particles are likely to cause cracks in the road phenomenon, poor durability; to further overcome Cracks in the problem, you must use the amount of relatively large penetration of the bitumen with a relatively fine mixture, but at the same time in the high temperature season there will be rut problems; in order to ensure the roughness of asphalt pavement, to use anti-skid performance comparison Good asphalt; in order to ensure the durability of asphalt pavement, but also according to the road construction area of ​​the climate, temperature, terrain, etc. to determine the proportion of asphalt.

In the hot mix asphalt mixture ratio process generally includes three main aspects: the target mix design, production mix design and production mix ratio verification. In the process of hot mix asphalt mixture must be selected and technical specifications consistent with the material, make full use of the experience of the previous road construction, through the corresponding proportion of the proportion of asphalt mixture designed and the variety of materials to ensure that the ratio of the mixture quality. At the same time,[url=]highway irregular fractured forearm[/url] each stage of the mix design should be Marshall test, according to "highway asphalt pavement construction technical specifications," the corresponding norms set in the set process, for each asphalt mixture mixer, should be strict According to the target mix design, production mix design and trial mixing test with the ratio of three stages of adjustment to do asphalt mixture with the design work.

In the asphalt mixture mixing process, we should pay attention to the following points: First, to select the appropriate mixing site, are generally in the mixing field for mixing; Secondly, in the asphalt mixture ratio, according to the indoor proportion Stirring, to ensure the amount of asphalt, mixing time and heating temperature appropriate to ensure the quality of asphalt mixture; again, in the asphalt mixture during the mixing process, must be based on a single feed ingredients to stir, to ensure that asphalt and a variety of materials The temperature of the heating,[url=]driving type hot melt screeding road marking machine suppliers[/url] to ensure the uniformity of mixing, to prevent the white, into a block, the separation of the problem of thickness; Fourth, after the completion of the mixing work, the relevant technical personnel must be sampled asphalt mixture, mineral aggregate composition of the amount of asphalt Test, if found asphalt mixture and requirements do not match, then it should be adjusted in time to ensure the normal use of the mixture.

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