Wardrobe business three-hand layout to seize the market

2017, the entire industry are exploring new development models, to seek new growth points. Mahogany furniture industry as an important part of the traditional real economy, we must recognize the qualitative change in the market environment, grasp the pulse of the development of the times. At the beginning of the new year in 2017,[url=http://loungechairsuppliers.com/beach-chairs/1263.html]portable reclining beach chair[/url] Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong said: "The economy is no physical and virtual points, but there must be new and old. New real economy is rapidly rising and generate huge social benefits.It can be said that the Chinese people have lived in the new The real economy. "

Furniture industry in the past 2016, and actively explore the "new retail" format, embrace the Internet, to achieve online and offline synchronization, the use of technical means for enterprise intelligence,[url=http://loungechairsuppliers.com/beach-chairs/1340.html]metal bistro chairs manufacturers[/url] based on the expansion of the physical shopping malls, to build an Internet platform to " Home "as the core of the business upstream and downstream cross-border extension. In addition, the opening O2O experience museum, home platform is "new retail" to explore an important attempt. On the mahogany furniture industry, a single store sales model has been unable to meet the consumer form of the upgrade, multi-channel integrated marketing is the future trend.

Young strategy, that is, enterprises to understand the needs of young consumer groups change. Young consumer groups on the demand for furniture products has not only confined to the appearance, price, quality and other traditional factors, the function is becoming one of the main needs of its purchase of furniture. At present,[url=http://loungechairsuppliers.com/beach-chairs/1246.html]sturdy plastic foldable stool for easy storage[/url] the new Chinese is widely welcomed by young consumers, enterprises must understand the aesthetic of consumers in order to design, strategy and other aspects of the adjustment.

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