their own quality assurance measures

Through the implementation of supervision and spot checks, the basic grasp of the building materials focus on product quality, and promote the producers, sellers and builders of the quality awareness. At the same time the relevant departments of the city also on the site, building materials manufacturing enterprises were checked,
focusing on the inspection of building materials in the production, sale, use of their own quality assurance measures. According to the grasp of the situation, the city is currently relatively stable quality of building materials, there is no regional fake sales leave phenomenon. South Africa International Building Materials Exhibition Time:
2007-10-23 to 2007-10-25 Exhibition Location: Africa / Middle East / South Africa Johannesburg Exhibition Period: 2 years / session Exhibition Industry: Building Materials Exhibition Website: http: //www.showguide .cn Exhibits: 1), building materials (wood, flooring materials, construction aluminum, building stainless steel,
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