Bamboo wood should notice 6 matters concerned when floor choose and buy

Bamboo floor gains the favour of more consumer with its outstanding environmental protection sex and quality, in floor of wood of bamboo of choose and buy when must notice 6 matters concerned:

1, see manufacturer, than the service

most consumer, differentiate the actor bad of bamboo floor from the surface, more difficult, and stand or fall of unqualified bamboo floor quality, only in use just is exposed gradually come out.[url=]plastic deck rail systems prices[/url] So the actual strength that buys bamboo floor to should see manufacturer, because technical force is only abundant, detect the method is all ready, the floor ability that the manufacturer with mechanization high rate produces assures quality.

2, more qualitative than material

Authentic Nan bamboo is otherer bamboo kind fiber is hard and close-grained, [url=]types of vinyl flooring[/url] fight pressure bending strength is high, wear-resisting, suck wet, density not easily tall, tenacity good, retractility is small.

3, the control of moisture content

Each district differs as a result of humidity, level of moisture content of floor of bamboo of choose and buy is different also, must notice moisture content is right local adaptability.[url=]wood polymer ceiling in srilanka[/url] There are a lot of bamboo floor boards without processing and manufacture in a rough way on the market at present. Suffer effect of damp, humidity extremely easily, the floor after installing period of time is nigrescent, lose burnish, systole to be out of shape, should differentiate seriously when the choose and buy.

4, give birth to what bug mildew changes to prevent

Bamboo of choose and buy should emphasize insect-resistant and mouldproof quality assuring when the floor. Without strict specially good effect insect-resistant, mould inhibitor immerses and high temperature evaporate is boiled or the bamboo floor of char,[url=]Synthetic Teak Decking For Boats Sg[/url] absolutely cannot choose and buy.

5, the agglutination technology of high temperature high pressure

Bamboo floor is become via agglutination of high temperature high pressure. To high temperature, high pressure and agglutination rigid craft standard and check mark allow. Some manufacturer on the market and SOHO use manual suppress or earthy machinery squelchs, and glue is unwarrantable, consequently easy occurrence craze opens glue.

6, whether 6 drench lacquer

Because bamboo floor is green nature product, the surface contains wool stoma, because exist to machine suction tide is led and be caused,be out of shape, so must will all around seal lacquer entirely with bottom, surface. Arrange a turn to won't affect service mass normally, when installation can rectify automatically smooth.

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