Pineapple case supply

Lumber market depth observes: Pineapple case supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding, pineapple division value rebounds impetus is dye-in-the-wood,Since close period of time, the reporter understands in the process that visits the bazaar, became silent the pineapple case of large half an year greets spring eventually, no matter be the price still trades,measure, all appear piece rebound the growth of type, the market demands exceeds supply. For one dug unexpectedly, the reporter interviewed relevant lumber businessman.

Volume price rises together, pineapple case market level is strong rebound,Those who seize the numerous property that send wood history manager report, since October portion begin, the market of pineapple case clinchs a deal the quantity begins to enter go up passageway, inventory also begins to get be usinged up apparently.

The reason therein basically depends on: After entering October share, go into operation of engineering of downstream and outdoors gardens rises gradually, especially close the end of the year of paragraph of time drawing near, the project enters the major outdoors gardens such as the school, hospital, park, hotel to drive time limit for a project, more giant to the demand of pineapple case, then drove pineapple division market to trade of the quantity strong rise. "[url=]edging patio with treated lumber[/url],[url=]veranda railing system parts interchangeable[/url],[url=]wood above ground pool plans[/url]"
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