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Is it worth dusting off and plugging in your old machine to play it? Absolutely although it's not quite the masterpiece Nintendo has been promising.The core elements of the 25 year old "Zelda" franchise remain. Once again, you are Link, a teenager who's destined for great things.

And gluten free is a big thing. We tend to be some of the pioneers in providing those types of goods."The challenges of that level of growth are being discussed by the members at all three Portland co ops, a common situation for co ops across the country, where almost 50 percent are in some form of expansion, said Kelly Smith, marketing director for the National Cooperative Grocers Association.Keeping a co op's values intact in the face of rapid growth is key to keeping current members involved and adding new members.

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Few, outside of Heartland sympathizers and other climate change deniers, took quite so severe a view, although some felt disappointed that Gleick had perhaps dragged himself to the level of those he frequently criticized, and others wondered whether the potential blowback was worth the revelation. (Heartland is being funded to deny, distort and dismiss climate science? Really?) In this regard, Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology, for example, offered that, "I don't think this is from the Art of War, but I read it somewhere and it seems apt: When fighting a war, don't waste a bullet on yourself (ouch).
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