Mahogany material control upgrade furniture market future can be expected

With the convening of the 17th Conference of the States Parties, the discussion of the raw materials of the mahogany industry was differentiated. Some people think that a variety of mahogany timber included in the endangered species Appendix II proposal for the mahogany market as good as "special typhoon"; also some people think that now a wide variety of red wood,[url=]bistro table and stools[/url] individual mahogany timber does not affect the overall direction.

It is understood that the current mahogany industry, the main use of several major materials to CITES 17th meeting of the State party focused on the use of red wine, Bali Dalbergia, Myanmar pear, for example, the beginning of the general use of raw materials per ton of about 150,000 yuan, now Breaking 200,000 yuan. Good at the beginning of the beginning of more than 250,000 yuan per ton, and now has more than 30 million, an average increase of 40%; Bali Dalbergia before the Spring Festival aniseed 45,000 yuan per ton, now about 60,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan per ton of ordinary goods Is about 45,000 yuan,[url=]small childrens table chair sets[/url] an increase of 50%. Myanmar pear small material from the beginning of the monthly 10,000 yuan per ton rose to 15,000 yuan to 17,000 yuan, the larger specifications from the beginning of the 1.8 million yuan rose to about 30,000 yuan, up from the beginning of the year up to 60% To 70%.

In order to prove the raw material market price increases, not into the mahogany national standard African rosewood, for example, its raw materials at the beginning of about 2,500 yuan per ton, now about 5,000 yuan, or close to 100%. The above prices directly from the data reflect the increase in raw materials, and in the entire industry chain to show: the origin of Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries of origin this year, the export policy and the degree of punishment for private chaos increasingly heavy. And several major domestic furniture producing areas and important raw material market also appeared berserk phenomenon. As the price of raw materials with each passing day, so companies must start in the purchase of goods, and even a lot of timber traders to large pieces of saws sold in order to improve the rate of output. Material prices on the impact of the enterprise is also great,[url=]table and chairs for cafeterias[/url] it is understood that Xianyou before the big red wood furniture enterprises have about 3000, and now only four or five hundred, in Guangdong Jiangmen before hundreds of more than now Ten, which in Dongyang, Tai Chung, big city and other origin are very common.

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