solid wood composite floor

guide a good brand and culture, and good after-sales service. He introduced the current industry is brewing set up associations to do some conscious consumer guidance, such as the selection of consumers to recommend some good brands, strengthen the industry self-discipline, in order to win the recognition of consumers.
Sampling forty-eight "Jiangsu made" products hi worry in the fourth quarter of 2006 national supervision and spot checks "Jiangsu made" product quality report recently announced. Was sampling of 304 enterprises in Jiangsu 48 categories of products, the average sampling rate of 75.3% pass rate. Among them, 29 categories of products sampling pass rate of more than 80%;
there are 8 kinds of products pass rate of less than 60%. - 100% of the quality of finished building materials, solid wood composite floor 100% qualified report released, the quarter was spotted Jiangsu solid wood flooring, geosynthetics, white latex, polypropylene pipe and other 39 batches of building materials,
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