truckload the system

Do not include charcoal, sawdust. These 2 category are used truckload the system makes a bank note, can according to grammage plan cost; One's style of work as well as one's moral quality of price of rapid movement platform is whole end, also can using rapid movement is regulatory ticket, press fact is heavy plan cost.

2, do not allow to add outfit,For management of normative field division, reduce safe hidden danger, through traffic log, plank all must not be added from the load pull outside field outfit. 3, consign lumber (contain log, plate) plan cost,By Russian car grammage plan is expended. 4, through traffic lumber makes a bank note (include log, plank, sawn timber)1. according to transhipment of through cargo of car of a Russia 2 therein the car is dealt with, spot of transhipment of through cargo lades the lumber of car of a Russia balancedly as far as possible 2 therein inside the car.

2. passes judge hind, according to 2 therein of the car aggregate over- judge weight is become group make a bank note. Aggregate over- judge underweight 60 tons according to 60 tons of plan cost; Aggregate over- judge weight exceeds 60 tons press fact is heavy plan cost. 2 cars date is made clear on envelope of 3. freight bill, build " into group hang repeatedly, must not tear apart " seal. "[url=]best composite decking for park[/url],[url=]beach areas deck fence install[/url],[url=]plastic flooring for outside weddings[/url]"
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