noted that the home improvement industry

And most of the decoration company despite varying degrees of concessions, but mostly until the holiday a few days ago. According to reports, pre-holiday public new home decoration project basically entered the final stage, has not yet started the project is discharged after the Spring Festival. Why home improvement market will become the Spring Festival market "unpopular"?
Not a business is indifferent to market opportunities, a key reason is limited by manpower. A building materials market veterans said, engage in construction, decoration workers mostly back home New Year, no one to work, the relevant industry will be cold down, according to previous years, furniture city,
decoration market business to the first month after fifteen, To recover. It should be noted that the home improvement industry this old rules have not changed at the same time, consumer demand has changed. With the increase in young home buyers, this part of the busy work, less leisure time consumer groups more and more hope to use the longer the Spring Festival holiday to a good meal "feast."
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