Cool Grey KAWS x Air Jordan 4s 2017 Glow in the Dark Sole

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Jordans 2017 Recently the most concerned about the Air Jordan 4 KAWS was associated with the joint models, shoes with folded suede shoes body, as well as luminous soles, shoebox and the details of the shoes have KAWS logo XX words. This pair of joint shoes to low-key gray show, the shoe body by two different texture of the combination of high-grade suede, and KAWS signature painting presented in the upper and luminous outsole, in addition to the tag and heel can also see To "XX" logo and "AIR" embellishment. First in today's Bucks against the Thunder game, Wei Shao became a well-deserved focus, the game he once again scored three pairs of the completion of the season 41 times three pairs of magic performance. But the shoes, the Wei can not account for what the topic, but witnessed the Bucks Payton II wearing a pair of Kaws x Air Jordan 4 combat, I believe for many fans is more pain in the heart. Recall that in the previous NBA game there are many players wearing high-priced shoes for confrontation, Payton II's behavior may explain the Kaws x Air Jordan 4 is a pair of basketball shoes. My favorite place is still in its heel position. Originally the Jumpman Logo was replaced by Kaws' classic XX. Although only a simple alternative, but it is feeling very charm. Because Kaws fame is to steal large-name advertising cloth, to draw their own graffiti pattern Well, here the same thing.
Cheap Jordans 2017, The overall color to gray show people, two different texture suede wrapped shoes body, tongue inside, heel and insoles can see KAWS signature and "XX" pattern. In the low-key calm, more visual level. And the soles can not only see the KAWS Companion hand pattern, but also has a luminous effect. KAWS and Jordan Brand's cooperation, called the year the most heavy pounds, has been determined to sell time; and adidas Originals continue to its popular shoes NMD And EQT to create a new version, visual effect is also good; the same as the classic models of Air Jordan 1 and PUMA Clyde have released their own new improved version; and Prada and Cole Haan new products also worth noting. The joint cooperation of the shoes selected Air Jordan 4 for the prototype, the overall color to gray show people, with the whole body of the suede material in the low-key calm at the same time there is no lack of texture. The most intuitive expression of the joint cooperation is the insoles. And the upper full-page Companion hand pattern on the insoles, from top to bottom in turn printed Jumpman Logo, Kaws classic fork and his personal tag.
One of the major features of the New Jordans 2016 is that the entire upper is covered with Kaws' classic Companion hand embroidery pattern, the visual experience is very special. But I think this embroidery pattern is still slightly dim, if the more prominent then it will look better. Air Jordan 4 Kaws not only the entire upper use of the suede, even in the end of the outer side are used suede for wrapping, the whole shoe texture and improve a level. Originally Air Jordan 4 iconic plastic mesh part, in this cooperation will be the material has been changed. The plastic and mesh to replace the texture of the upper material with another different turning fur, very rich sense of visual sense of hierarchy. The original plastic lace buckle has been changed to the same with the suede material, the whole pair of shoes have no plastic on the existence. Tongue is also very special, in the cortex of the patch, Flight words were removed, and Jumpman Logo was made similar to the sculpture of the three-dimensional. The labels on the tongue are not the same. The label on the left foot is Kaws' personal tag, and the right foot is the regular inverted AIR JORDAN.
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