Teak floor rose from

The applicable scope is relatively complete & quot; Design, production, sales and service & quot; , the certificate by the certification organization (company) is strong, perfect quality management system. One quarter of this year, jiangsu port imported logs 1.193 million cubic meters, lower than the same period last year (the same below) 1.7%, accordingly, the total value of imports of logs of $200 million, up 7.1% over the same.
Log import price of quantity by Yang has "hit" downstream terminal sales market. It is understood that nanjing market price of real wood floor of every square metre rose 30 yuan. It is reported, log imports price uplift is mainly due to the international market timber supply is decreasing. Southeast Asia the tsunami to the increasingly tense of timber import and a handful of wood, after the tsunami, strained, rising freight and local labor costs increase, driving prices up straight log;
And the international market also borrow southeast tsunami "dongfeng" hype, South American countries such as Brazil, Paraguay log price rises of 6% to 10%. Teak floor rose from 360 yuan to 360 yuan per square metre, merbau original price from 239 yuan to 259 yuan per square metre, Indian rosewood rose from 405 yuan to 405 yuan per square metre... The average price rose by more than 30 yuan per square metre.
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