dark large pattern with intimacy

Buy solid wood flooring first consider the style of solid wood flooring prices, many consumers value the price, have to buy a promotional price of the floor to go home, but after the shop was found, and their style is very uncoordinated, so some Designer remind: buy solid wood flooring first consider the style. Home,
laying solid wood flooring, if the use of dark large pattern with intimacy; light, small patterns can make the room look spacious; decorated with mahogany floor, can get warm and quiet feeling; deep red decoration can bring out the luxury, The birch flooring can make the compact room look neat and not crowded; the walnut flooring looks solemn and noble;
the oak flooring is very popular in the United States, like the same American character freedom, bold, return to nature; if you want to highlight the characteristics, decorated with part of the parquet floor, you can receive unexpected results. Select the floor also consider the room function of the color selection.
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