Corner cracks

Avoid the use of S, R20 high content and specific surface area of ??the cement, the use of hydration heat of small cement (ie, non-early strength of cement) to reduce the early self-shrinkage and temperature shrinkage of concrete. The addition of a water reducing agent reduces the surface tension of the water and the amount of cement and water used in the concrete to reduce the plastic cracking of the concrete. Minimize the amount of cement and water consumption, appropriate to reduce the water-cement ratio, increase the amount of sand and gravel to reduce plastic shrinkage, self-shrinkage and temperature shrinkage. Pavement construction should be avoided in the windy days and hot summer noon when the construction, to prevent the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking. The concrete is poured in the reverse longitudinal direction.[url=] Road Repair Equipment - Doan Machinery [/url]

Horizontal crack (broken plate)
The analysis of the causes of transverse fractures, when the incomplete hardening of the concrete shrinkage caused by the tensile stress generated more than with the hardening of concrete and increased tensile strength, there will be broken. The depth of the slit is not enough to cause cracking. Grassroots level is not smooth. The strength of the foundation not only affects the quality of the concrete pavement, but also affects the number of cracks in the concrete pavement and the width of the cracks and the speed of expansion. Concrete pavement under the action of the cumulative load of the vehicle, the foundation of the plastic deformation occurs, but also the bottom of the concrete plate emptying, local vortex in the plate produced additional stress, coupled with a variety of factors induced by the impact of the load Resulting in cracks, it will cause broken plate.

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