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Polymer anti-cracking paste is composed of asphalt-based polymer, fetal base, high strength fabric (high temperature) compound. Anti-cracking paste to overcome the simple use of geotechnical products, glass fiber grid crack caused by the interface, this interface affects the stress of the asphalt surface of the situation, affecting the crack resistance; also overcome the use of geotextiles, glass Fiber grille in the paving process caused by the transfer,[url=] Road Repair Equipment - Doan Machinery [/url] folding, affecting the upper and lower structural layer of adhesion, the use of only asphalt-based stress absorption film, can only absorb stress and can not resist the stress, dispersion stress, crack paste to give a good Solution, this unique structure, so that anti-cracking paste in the prevention of cracks at the same time, there is a unique effect on the waterproof infiltration, especially for the road after cracking on the ice water infiltration, with good low temperature. The upper layer in the laying of hot asphalt mixture, high-strength fabric (high temperature) does not occur high temperature deformation, polymer heat from the fabric after the gap in the seepage, and its bonding is very good. The lower layer has a sufficient amount of polymer in the melting after filling the base of the potholes, and enhance the adhesion with the base surface, the next layer and the stability of the base to ensure that the entire anti-cracking paste with anti-cracking waterproof requirements. As the polymer crack-resistant paste has a strong tensile strength, especially in the application of asphalt surface layer, can improve the lateral tensile strength of the surface, resistance to greater tensile stress and not damage. Even if the local area cracks, stress concentration in the crack, the polymer resistance to crack transmission and disappear, cracks will not be passed to the surface layer and damage the road.
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