Treatment of Surface Water by Coagulation and Ultrafiltration Process

This paper analyzes the causes of cracks in semi-rigid base of asphalt pavement, explains the performance, construction technology and quality points of polymer anti-cracking stickers, and reviews whether the cracks are reflected to the asphalt surface layer and summarizes the semi-rigid base cracks The advantages and disadvantages of the treatment method. Practice has proved that the effect is good, has a broad application prospects.
Analysis of Cracks in Grassroots
In the country has built high-grade road pavement base structure, basically the use of semi-rigid base, such as lime-fly ash stabilized gravel and cement stabilized gravel, etc., after its completion, will be a variety of reasons to produce various forms The cracks.[url=] Road Repair Equipment - Doan Machinery [/url]
In the early stage of fracture formation, the crack has no obvious effect on the performance of the asphalt pavement. However, with the stress concentration at the cracks, it will tend to form cracks in the surface layer, surface rain or snow water intrudes into the cracks after the foundation cracks The water content on both sides of the grassroots increases, resulting in structural strength decreased significantly in a large number of traffic load under the repeated action, and then produce erosion and mud phenomenon, the formation of cracks, subsidence, pits and other structural damage, and ultimately lead to the road can not be used The
The main reason for the cracks is that the cracks in the base layer are basically in the form of non-load type cracks, that is, the primary shrinkage and shrinkage cracks. Dry shrinkage cracks are mainly grass-roots construction of the water content is not controlled, too large, resulting in the late strength of the development of water loss shrinkage cracks. Temperature shrinkage cracks mainly due to the external temperature caused by the role of thermal expansion and contraction cracks. In the form of cracking, there are transverse cracks and longitudinal cracks.
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