New Trends in Furniture Forecast

Chinese furniture should be how to do? "" What is the breakthrough point of the furniture industry? "As many furniture enterprises generally have the question .There are two business classic quotations are saying:" There is no money-making industry,[url=]laundry drying rack outdoor[/url] Of the enterprise. "" Business owners have to bow to walk, but also looked up to see the sky. "

China's furniture brand to think about the long-term development of strategic issues, from the short-sighted price war, do not be a moment of market hot and threatened to follow the crowd, will focus on the development of furniture industry trends in line with the development and innovation,[url=]stainless steel portable clothes drying rack[/url] can find their own Sustainable development path.

Furniture new trend forecast 1: new material applications will profoundly change the furniture industry Throughout the development of the furniture industry, every time a huge leap in the furniture industry with the use of new materials and technology are inseparable. In the long millennium, wood, bamboo and other easy to process the plant material to become the main material for the production of furniture,[url=]fold down laundry drying rack[/url] nearly a thousand years of traditional furniture mostly wooden furniture; into the modern, steel and alloy materials began to enter the furniture industry, steel structure The furniture began to appear, the furniture function, shape and appearance have many changes. Followed by PE, PVC, ABS as the representative of the extensive use of polymer materials to promote the furniture industry, rapid iteration, brought four profound changes.

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