Wooden floor whether environmental protection key sees formaldehyde release

Because wooden floor has,do oneself inherent character, when the environment when acuteness change, meeting generation is interstitial, so, how should handle floor break?

Above all, when real wood floor is maintaining ,[url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/wpc-product/4143.html]Making a Fence Out of Liter Bottles[/url] what must notice to retain a floor board is dry, clean. Normally, floor moisture content maintains 8% ~ commonly 13% , such floor falls in normal circumstance, won't appear commonly problem.

Next, if appear the following circumstance, floor may interstitial

Occurrence break of the floor in the home, how should do

If moistureproof processing was not done to be able to cause; of break of real wood floor to use water when laid wringing wood floor or swab wooden floor with buck, suds, also can cause summer of floor break;[url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/cheap-wpc/4390.html]composite rocking chair kit[/url] to did not notice to pull good curtain, after floor of the wood before the window insolates via glowing sunshine, same meeting becomes angry temperature of craze; air conditioning leaves too lowly, make be mixed by day change of difference in temperature is too big in the evening, [url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/cheap-wpc/1737.html]lowes composite decking material[/url] cause a floor to expand or systole is too acuteness and cause be out of shape craze. So, at ordinary times wooden floor maintains should avoid afore-mentioned happening of a variety of circumstances.

Wooden floor is interstitial how rescue:

Wooden floor is in use process, if discover individual wood floor rises to become warped or fall off, answer to take a floor in time, the shovel goes old glue and grey end, tu Shangxin glue, if squeezing ramming; [url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/wpc-product/6136.html]Cost of Fencing per Linear Foot[/url] is individual damaged of floor paint film or dew are white, can dip in with 400 waterproof abrasive paper suds burnish, next wipe up, wait for after working, have local complementary color to wooden floor again, after color works, brush besmear again a lacquer, dry after 24 hours

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