floor headquarters factory direct sales

From the Nanchang, Shangrao, Wuyuan, more than 20 cities such as nearly a thousand people gathered in the "China's wood flooring" Zhejiang Nanxun, in the long-sheng floor headquarters factory direct sales will sign more than 500 single orders, sales area of ?recyclable WPC pergolanearly 30000 Square meters. The whole atmosphere was warm and the results were gratifying.Jusheng floor location Zhejiang Nanxun, is China's largest distribution center for wood flooring, with hundreds of floor business (Nanxun floor business Daquan). As the industry leading enterprises,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/7946.html]vinyl floors that look like wood[/url] long Sheng floor enjoy a high reputation, brand stores throughout the country more than 500 cities, and even exports more than 30 countries in Europe and America.

Jusheng floor from the beginning of the brand store will be settled in Jiangxi, has been more than 10 years, by the Jiangxi consumer support and love, long Sheng floor brand awareness and reputation rising, after years of steady development, and now stores all over Jiangxi The city, the sales network covering the province,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/malaysia/4397.html]wall cladding tiles price in kerala[/url] becoming one of the most popular flooring brand in Jiangxi.Coincides with the long Sheng flooring in June the large-scale factory sponsorship activities held on the occasion of the long Sheng floor invited thousands of Jiangxi consumers visit Zhejiang Nanxun, Yuansheng floor headquarters base, feel the charm of the water, outdoor composite rubber deck tileswitness the strength of ace. Jiangxi consumers arrived in Zhejiang Nanxun on the 15th, by the warm hospitality of the long sheng floor.

visit the ancient town of Jiangnan Water Village, feel the local customs, before participating in the activities have been fully relaxed and rest opportunities, and arrived in the morning on the 16th Jusheng floor headquarters base Officially participate in super-group buy activities.[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/219.html]deck material sale[/url] Activities, the long-sheng floor introduced conventional solid wood, American flavor, solid wood composite, new solid wood, geothermal flooring and other thousands of special products. Especially for the factory direct sales tailored Taobao products, as well as by the company chairman of the United States Pu Pu, the United States pecan, dragon longan, round beans and other seven special cost-effective products.with its high cost, Very popular. The scene pumping Grand Prix event is sent to the United States Park wood solid wood dining tables and chairs, Haier refrigerators, high-grade silk was,High Quality WPC Material Fencing Pentium rice cookers, long Sheng large packs and many other prizes, OTC game "happy turntable", "throw dart", also sent out the smoke Cylinder, umbrella, cowboy hat and many other gifts. So that thousands of Jiangxi consumers happy and satisfied with the return.

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