Security measures

Adhere to the "century plan, the quality of the first" thinking throughout the construction of the whole process, do a good job site publicity, strict technical end, and through on-site analysis, observation and other forms continue to strengthen the quality of workers awareness, so that workers firmly establish the " Quality first, the credibility of the first "thinking, in the construction of strict process control, according to a high starting point, high quality, high standards and high speed to do the project to ensure the overall quality of excellence.
Improve the organization, strengthen leadership. Set up the project manager for the head of the total quality management leading group, with full-time quality management personnel by the management, understand the technology, construction experience as a cadre.[url=] Road Repair Equipment - Doan Machinery [/url]
Efforts to achieve quality management work standardized and institutionalized. In the regular quality inspection, insist on the project manager to do a monthly inspection, the Ministry once every half months, each time to check the situation in a timely manner to inform the report, reward and punishment, so that the quality of the project through regular inspection to be effectively controlled. At the same time, all levels of inspectors must clear the job responsibility system and job responsibility standards, adhere to the regular quality inspection and supervision work, timely detection and solve the problems in the construction.
Strict quality of raw materials. On the road with the asphalt, gravel, unqualified not allowed to approach, testing personnel according to the detection frequency of asphalt, gravel material sampling, and do a good job test account, qualified before entering.
Strengthen the management of the construction team. On the contract within the scope of the road works, start a good job before the technical thoroughfare, the project cycle check. After the completion of the appraisal summary, so that the majority of workers familiar with and grasp the construction specifications, procedures and standards. At the same time, in the construction to strengthen quality supervision and technical guidance to ensure the quality of the project.
Establish and improve the construction technology information management responsibility system and the management system, by the chief engineer is responsible for collecting information comprehensive work, and responsibility to the people, and unified accounts.
The site management unit issued by the various types of documents, approval reports and the project department departments in the construction process of the construction technology survey data, change the design information, technology to pay the relevant information on a regular basis to collect and establish a unified account.
The implementation of ISO9002 quality management system, in accordance with the ISO9002 quality management to develop a detailed single technical construction measures and operating rules to ensure that the entire process of quality standards.
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