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It's a real jumble of emotion, and I think it always will be. I've just come to expect the unexpected.". Buu then absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo, making him stronger than Ultimate Gohan or SS3 Goku. (2) Why didn't Gohan destroy Kid Buu completely? He never fought him.

Was awesome. But the next day after I couldn lift my arm very much. On Monday's Pardon The Interruption on TSN, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon could barely stay awake, describing it as a victimless crime. They were joined by a chorus of other American worthies who think it's not worthy of pursuit.

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Barker, according to The Tufts Daily, noted that some of the lacrosse players in Cousens Gym, engaged in inappropriate behaviors involving alcohol, such as underage drinking, providing alcohol to minors, attending a sports event while intoxicated and consuming alcohol at the volleyball match. Prodigious.
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