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Recently, eyebrow hill city decided forestry develops 925 struggling target:

Arrived 2011 2015, eyebrow hill city is annual afforestation 60 thousand mus of above, [url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/cheap-wpc/3002.html]how to make a simple bench seat[/url]the forest enclothes rate stability to be in 43% above, preliminary building more complete silvan zoology system.

Main body of system of collective Lin Quan and reform of form a complete set are finished basically,[url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/cheap-wpc/1195.html]wood plastic composite thus[/url] forestry productivity gets be emancipatoried further. Forestry industry grows quickly, industrial structure is optimized ceaselessly, ground of Lin Ji of raw material of wooden bamboo industry achieves 2.3 million mus,[url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/cheap-wpc/109.html]wood decks vs composite decks[/url] among them Lin Da of woodiness industry raw material goes to 1.3 million mus, stability of base of raw material forest is in bamboo qualitative industry 1 million mus of above. Man-made board year productivity achieves 500 thousand stere, bamboo pulp year productivity achieves 250 thousand tons, furniture 1.2 million (cover) , industry of wooden bamboo treatment achieves sales revenue 10 billion yuan. Income of silvan zoology travel achieves 1 billion yuan.[url=http://durablewpcproduct.com/composite-material/973.html]anchor fence post in concrete[/url] Implementation forestry total production value sixteen billion one hundred and twenty-two million yuan (2010 8.75 billion, annual 13% increase by degrees, achieve sixteen billion one hundred and twenty-two million yuan of) to 2015, the per capita that the farmer obtains from inside forestry exceeds 773 yuan.

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