Bosnia cancels a tender for Corridor 5C, part of European route E73

In southern Bolivia, the Bolivian Highway Administrator (ABC) is supervising the construction of the Incahuasi Tunnel and Monteagudo-Muyupampa-Ipati road. This work is of fundamental importance for the country as it will improve the flow of traffic and boost trade between the departments of Santa Cruz and Chuquisaca. The Monteagudo-Ipati highway project includes the Incachuasi tunnel which has a length of 96km. The work will require a state investment of US$126 million, financed partially by a $75 million grant from the Andean Development Corporation (CAF),[url=]tarmac joint sealer algeria[/url] while the balance of the cost is to be paid for by the Bolivian Government.

The Incahuasi Tunnel is being built by the construction company Jose Cartellone. At over 1km in length it will be the second longest tunnel in the country and forms part of the 'Diagonal Jaime Mendoza'. This is another corridor linking Machacamarquita (Oruro) with Hito Villazón on the border with Paraguay, passing through the city of Sucre. The construction of the road project has been divided into two sections: section I Monteagudo-Muyupampa with a length of 49km at a cost of $47 million; section II, Muyupampa-Ipati,[url=]hydraulic pile driver for excavators[/url] which measures 45km in length.

The Incahuasi Tunnel has a length of 1,260m and is located in the southern region of Bolivia and is part of "Integration Corridor Diagonal Jaime Mendoza". It is part of the Machacamarquita - Sucre - Hito Villazon Road, which runs to the border with Paraguay.To date, the work is around 22% complete. The tunnel is the central link that will help speed up the transit of heavy and light vehicles from the highlands toward the valleys and plains. This will deliver a new transport corridor to the borders with Paraguay and Argentina,[url=]asphalt millings for sale[/url] with the aim of increasing trade to and from Bolivia.

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