Summer irrigation work into the climax

Disease description: irregular shape for the pits on the road, pavement pits in the traffic under the action, pavement local shedding and the resulting depression. Pit depth is generally greater than 2cm, an area of ??0.04 square meters or more. Such as small area pit more, but also very close (20cm or less), should be together to calculate. Asphalt pavement has a forming process, initially local cracks loose, in the driving load and rain and other natural factors gradually formed under the pits.
Pit classification:
Compaction insufficient pit: the temperature of the mixture is too high during the construction, so that the aging of the asphalt, the decrease in the brittleness, the increase of the brittleness, the result of insufficient compaction, the lack of bondage, the formation of the pits under the driving load; The situation is that the mixture temperature is too low, uneven paving, compaction is not sufficient, resulting in insufficient compaction to form a pit.
Insufficient thickness of the pit: the lower surface of the road surface elevation control lax, resulting in the individual layer of asphalt layer thickness is not enough, under the action of traffic, part of the mixture is easy to be taken to form a pit.
Water Damage Pits: The most common pits in the early destruction of the asphalt pavement are as follows: At the beginning, the interface between the moisture intruded into the asphalt and the aggregate is in the form of a water film or water vapor, affecting the asphalt and aggregate Of the adhesive; in the repeated load under the action of the asphalt film and the aggregate began to peel; gradually, the road began to Ma, loose, drop particles; the final formation of pits.
The degree of disease: the construction process using part of the depth or depth of repair, serious need to rebuild the recommended solution to clean up the disease area: the old surface to observe whether the renewable use, and then clean the old surface material will be sick area debris The Heating the disease area: adjust the heating time, the general control in 5-8 minutes can be heated to 140-170 ��. Rake loose: remove the heating plate, immediately repair the area to rake loose. Add new material: from the incubator to release the right amount of new material. Re-use, leveling, compaction: in the loose after spraying a little bit of asphalt regeneration agent or emulsified asphalt, new and old materials mixed evenly, leveling, compaction. Complete the disease repair
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