"O2O" way to buy furniture, consumers how rights?

News background: Ms. Chen in Xi'an, a home store Xiangli mahogany furniture store, bought a value of 350,000 yuan of furniture, 2016 in mid-July delivery, Ms. Chen found a three-door cupboard different from other A few pieces of furniture, neither a brand logo nor a bar code and a factory logo. Ms. Chen said: "After all, is a mahogany furniture, three standard incomplete I doubt this piece of furniture, true and false, businesses to provide a guarantee card products,[url=http://foldingleisurechairs.com/wholesale/619.html]folding chair price comfortable[/url] but I still do not want to ask for replacement, their manager Bai Yajuan in dealing with the problem Fortunately, I was the money to the mall, the mall came forward to coordinate the matter, businesses also changed the goods, manufacturers have come forward to apologize.

Things should have been resolved, but after the staff of the store reminders, Ms. Chen found that businesses did not give their own invoicing. Ms. Chen said: "Merchants had asked me before which kind of invoice,[url=http://loungechairsuppliers.com/beach-chairs/3539.html]the best beach chair brands[/url] we people do not understand, and finally did not open. Later, this happened, I think there are some more insurance invoices, asked the business to me to invoice, But the business that I have to bear the tax point. Your business sellers, naturally to provide invoices, which let consumers own tax reason. "At present, the issue of invoices, the two sides have not yet reached an agreement.

"We have a total of four stores in Xi'an, Ms. Chen early to parity also repeated several times, and later in our store consumption. Ms. Chen that the product is a problem," said Ms. Chen, , We also changed for her twice. Even said that if you are not satisfied, we can also refund, but consumers are not willing to return. As for the issue of invoices, and then consultation with Ms. Chen, if you do not invoice, you can tax It is like a restaurant to eat do not vote,[url=http://foldingleisurechairs.com/wholesale/1302.html]folding picnic table plans[/url] will give a drink, but now consumers are asking for billing, so we let her bear the tax point.Currently we are also and manufacturers to see how to solve this problem , The specific solution also need to wait for us to come back after the business trip and consultation with Ms. Chen.

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