paving laid the interior style

stripes into the rich space lines, change a single sense of vision. Deep and shallow parquet flooring, contrasting strong wood color, collage effect, such as irregular board, let the space suddenly full of drama means that for the personality, art children of urban aristocracy can be bold to try. This kind of parquet more paved the bedroom space, it is a visual impact. Depth with the square floor stitching with the selection of dark ground floor, intact correspondence, beige soft fitted to join and timely soft space atmosphere. Deep surface

of the deep wood floor with a good white background against the white wall, the space to choose an open pattern, open dining area with the living room as a whole, and the use of dark flooring in the wall will be the two space as a whole ~ Black, white with the logs with the rules are safe, not a big problem, but not a challenge, a touch of dark red show, is an excellent decoration. A lot of bathroom space, the timely placement of a variety of indoor sanitary ware, the wall selected a fine tone of the latex paint, white is the color of the wall

with the original color of the transition, to avoid the sense of the sense of dignity! Floor on the wall, but also follow the guidelines of deep wood tones, grain clear, calm color, choose a wall to do the basic embellishment, and even include the extension of the bathtub is also consistent, large area laying, with white walls, enlarge the space. The room with the color of elegant Ya, as if also exudes a forest of wood color long wooden floor and white walls to form a seamless visual experience, mottled texture also let the space more than a

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