according to building area size

The visual effect that makes choosing colour to be in influence person is met on certain level according to building area size, warm color attune is outspread color, cool color attune is contractive attune. The room ground with little area should choose dark tonal cool color and concise and lively floor, make the person produces the feeling that the area enlarges. . If choose the warm color floor of colour dense to be able to make the space appears more narrow and limited, added depressive touch. Additional, on the choice of design and color, should apt little grain or straight grain effect, avoid big and desultorily decorative pattern. Subtle move of floor and furniture color collocation. . 3: If chose the archaize furniture of cardinal department,comparative color is suitable, so the floor board that we can choose a few buff to fasten undertakes match colors. Basically be this kind of floor Huang Zhong slants white, can form bright and harmonious comparative effect with cardinal furniture. Comparative color is suitable, in principle wants careful with, match colors must have professional eye or decorate stylist to guard a pass please, match colors should have comparative and strong result already, want to have the effect of harmonious set off again. .
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