Xunwu Highway Branch Holds Highway Maintenance

To create a "smooth, safe, beautiful," the road environment, improve road capacity, Xunwu Highway Branch adhere to the routine, emergency, preventive, comprehensive, targeted conservation, and thus do a good job of road maintenance. Routine maintenance. Organize the construction of the workers on the shoulder, slope on time to refurbish, timely clean up the road area within the garbage,[url=http://chipspreadermarket.com/Asphalt]paving equipment for sale distributors[/url] the care of the road asphalt pavement cracks, loose, subsidence, pits, wave package, chewing edge and other diseases to repair, Disease to further expand and improve the road surface roughness, so that "early detection, early governance.

Emergency maintenance. To further improve and improve the emergency maintenance mechanism, a clear division of labor, responsibility to the people, the emergency maintenance work to implement, set up a "war of war, war can win" emergency security team, strengthen the post training, emergency drills to improve Emergency treatment capacity, the sudden incident on the Bureau of our conservation of roads, facilities, personnel, property and environmental losses to a minimum, to maximize the protection of life and property safety. Preventive maintenance. In the specific conservation work, carry out the early prevention, early treatment of the policy, often tracking the inspection of asphalt road damage,[url=http://chipspreadermarket.com/road/5774.html]fill concrete cracks before epoxy[/url] check whether there is a slight crack, irregular cracks, loose, rut, wrong, broken joints, Slope instability, slope erosion and so on. Such as the occurrence of minor damage, it should promptly take appropriate preventive measures to eliminate the disease in the bud, to ensure the practical effect of preventive maintenance.

Comprehensive conservation. Conservation, road and government personnel joint inspection, the littering, chaos litter of the officers and men of criticism and education, at the same time with the local government to carry out the "most beautiful villages" and road rehabilitation activities, from the source of the whole dirty, chaos, Looks good. Targeted conservation. In the usual conservation work, keep the bridge clean, drain hole irrigation, no clogging,[url=http://chipspreadermarket.com/road/5175.html]hot crack filler for sale[/url] drainage is good. Targeted to control the phenomenon of bridge jumping, so that routine inspection and maintenance simultaneously, timely repair damaged bridge railings and expansion joints, remove the cone slope high weeds, drift, clean up the culvert into the outlet garbage and deposits to To prevent the destruction of the chain reaction, to ensure that the bridge culvert irrigation, stable operation. To strengthen the bridge inspection, and always do the appearance of clean and the bridge, the bridge pavement smooth and dense, smooth drainage, the bridge is smooth and smooth, no bridge jumping, the main structure and ancillary facilities maintenance intact, complete safety facilities to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle The.

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