a prerequisite Design

Attention to roof waterproof design is a prerequisite Design should be based on the nature of the building, engineering features, the importance and the use of functional waterproofing. As the current variety of waterproof materials, different performance, the scope of application and the price difference between the poor, so in the "local conditions, on-demand selection, anti-row combination, hardness and softness, the overall seal" principle of roof waterproof design and selection

The According to the local maximum and minimum temperature, daily temperature difference, roof slope, waterproof layer form (exposed or non-exposed) and the size of the structure and other specific circumstances, choose the appropriate waterproof material to determine the appropriate construction program.

Careful construction is the keyThe construction of the leaking water treatment project is a technically strong and demanding water-repellent material re-processing process.

Therefore, it must be trained by a professional technical training, familiar with the construction specifications and waterproof material performance characteristics and the scope of the training of professional waterproof construction team To carry out construction. In the construction process must strictly [url=http://outdoordeckingproduct.com/farm-fence/]ECO Friendly Farm Fence Wholesaler[/url] abide by the national standards and norms, conscientiously implement the process standards, meticulous, careful operation, so as to ensure the quality of the project.

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