Pass the game and will score 10 according to your overall rating

Last year's FIFA franchise version was a mystery, at least that. Fans lack the characteristics and innovation, release the game split the fans foundation. As a result, EASPORTS broke the hell, and today's FIFA 16 feels very different from the "vanilla" launch version shipped in September 2015. But now it has become clear, with the dust settles, FIFA 17 appears. There is no "lack of innovation" or laziness (depending on what forum you frequently visit), on the contrary, the FIFA development team is in transition. This switch will see them moving the game from the incredible IGNITE engine to EA's flagship FROSTBITE. Add to a new movie story mode and extensive technical system and adjust that you have enough to say that some serious work has entered this game.

EA SPORTS today announced the new features of the professional model in Vipfifa18. One of the highlights of the professional model will be the ability of the J League this year. This year there are new board expectations that you are looking for a comprehensive management of the club, divided into five categories: domestic success. Mainland success. Brand exposure. financial. Youth development. You will be able to see if these goals are met in the new menu in the Career Mode. This year there is also a new financial value system in the career model. This will allow you to see how your club is in some channels such as transfer, loan, game day income, media and merchandise sales. As it rises, many people want to know what cheap fut 18 coins has its sleeves regain the crown. A new engine, movie story mode and a lot of game innovations represent EASPORTS's triple approach to regain the crown.

Your player grows up to decide how you will pass the game and will score 10 according to your overall rating. You will be able to see the improvement of each individual's attributes after each game. Skill points are also a new feature of Pro Club this year. You will be able to spend the skill points you get to give your virtual star the qualities you want. These can be physical, defensive, dribbling, passing, shooting, pace or goalkeeper specific traits. Customize options. Unfortunately, you will not be able to upload your own pictures for your club crest, but you can pick from the 24 kit template. You can also add master, secondary, and three colors to your suite. Club badges will also have template options for you to choose from, with custom abilities.
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