Discussion on Preventive Maintenance of Asphalt Concrete Pavement

Crack, block cracks are part of the road surface damage is due to the above-mentioned strip cracks can not be repaired in time, or pavement material itself, the bending strength of insufficient, in the repeated effects of the load and the erosion of surface water, the road generated by the bend Pull fatigue crack. The main reason for this kind of disease is water erosion. Due to the unevenness of asphalt concrete mixing and the lack of local compaction, the local porosity of the asphalt surface layer is larger and the surface is submerged. Under the action of a large number of high speed driving, Each time the hydrodynamic pressure causes the asphalt to gradually peel off from the surface of the gravel, the overall cohesive force is deteriorated, the strength is reduced, and the asphalt pavement surface is gradually loose. Loose areas under the action of the traffic load, the further flaking, the stone was thrown out of the wheel to form a pit, a small area of ??turtle (net) crack in the water and traffic load under the repeated alternation of the formation of pits. Rut has roughly two types of V and W rutting. V-type rut damage the width of the road is large, there is no uplift on both sides of the road, horizontal V-shaped, the main reason is due to vehicle load more than the strength of the road layer (such as serious overload) or lack of road strength, causing the asphalt The layers below include the permanent deformation of the structural layers of the subgrade. W-type rut in the high-grade highway drainage under the traffic is more common, but also concave rut, but the road has obvious on both sides of the uplift phenomenon, the main reason is the high temperature conditions, the wheel repeated rolling effect, load stress than the asphalt mixture The stability of the limit, so that the flow of deformation continue to accumulate the rut.
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