Road maintenance labor skills contest

In order to timely disposal of the road early disease, which effectively extend the road life, this year, Datong Highway Branch to increase the road to prevent conservation efforts, has used hot potting, fine micro-surface, best cold filling irrigation glue Preventive maintenance measures to deal with road cracks,[url=]crack filler manufacturer in china[/url] to ensure that the area to maintain the best road driving environment. It is understood that the Council vigorously promote new technologies, new equipment applications, improve the road to prevent the conservation of scientific and technological content. The use of construction convenience, short operating time, high safety factor, road capacity effect of good road surface cold renewable materials, respectively, in the Hunyuan Da Ling line pavement renovation project, concentrated contiguous provincial highway plot large road surface renovation project using rubber stress absorption layer and Asphalt horseshoe stress absorption zone.

The use of in situ thermal regeneration technology, with the use of new materials to reduce the use of waste to avoid dumping, 100% of the use of old materials, the maintenance costs significantly reduced, and has a fast construction, traffic interference and other advantages, especially asphalt regeneration technology Saving more than 60% of the heating energy, but also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of more than 80%, in line with energy saving, environmental protection and construction of intensive society requirements. Regularly carry out the road and bridge technical status survey, in the road test, the progressive realization of the manual detection to the automated detection,[url=]best sealant kazakhstan[/url] from damage to the maintenance of non-destructive testing development, and give full play to the road management information system, bridge management information system and maintenance maintenance engineering decision-making system The role of continuous improvement, update the road database and bridge database, timely grasp the road, the use of the bridge.

At the same time in the highway repair engineering and daily maintenance in the extensive application of new technology, increase the disaster section of governance, key dangerous slope and along the river wall reinforcement reinforcement efforts to effectively prevent the occurrence of highway water collapse. Up to now,[url=]truck on the road distributors[/url] the overall trunk road conditions are stable, there is no serious landslides, landslides and highway water damage, did not occur due to water damage caused by traffic blocking events. In addition, the council is also in the daily maintenance of the use of flexible and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment, large and medium-sized road repair when the waste asphalt waste, and widely used LED lighting technology, to achieve the purpose of reducing brightness and energy saving for the purpose of raising Build a sustainable and healthy development to create a good space.

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