Wholesale Color Coated Aluminum Coil with Roofing Sheet 0.4mm - Coated Aluminum Coil Manufacturer

Our company can process, customize and cut color coated aluminum coil with many specifications and colors, as well as customize the color coated aluminum board, PE and PVDF aluminum coil, with the main materials of 1 series, 3 series, 8 series etc..

Our manufactured colored coating aluminum coil is mainly divided into two paint film: PE and PVDF coating. Currently the thickness between 0.15-1.5mm, and the main colors are white, red, blue, silver gray etc. and customers can select your colors according to the Ral Color Card. What's more, we provide single, double, triple and back coatings.

Coating thickness:
PVDF ≥25micron
POLYESTER (single coating) ≥18micron
POLYESTER(double coating)≥25micron

Brightness: as requested

Coating hardness: over 2H;

Cohesive force: no less than 1 grade

Shock resistance: 50kg.cm, no paint loss, no crack. PE can be used for 10 years, and PVDF for over 20 years.

It has rich colors and can be used in residential houses, large commercial network and convention center.
bobina de aluminio revestida de PE
bobina de aluminio revestida de PVDF
hoja de aluminio decorativa
hoja de techo de aluminio revestida
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