The defect of bamboo floor

2 it is to go up artificially Qi Se, lacquer makings can allocate all sorts of colour, do not cross Zhu Wen already the finishing of floor of bamboo of not quite apparent; uses paint of varnish, light mostly, inferior lacquer of wear-resisting of smooth Qi He. Bamboo floor picture [url=]waterproof ce certificate solid wpc decking[/url]. 2. Life grows bamboo floor to be able to be amounted to in theoretic service life 20 years or so, correct use and maintaining is the key that prolongs bamboo floor service life. Bamboo floor in use is the mainest is to should maintain indoor dry humidity, although classics is dry,handle because of bamboo floor, but bamboo is natural material, still can change as the change of climate so. [url=]how much does cedar tongue and groove cost[/url]. In encounter dry season, when opening central heating especially, consumer should adjust through different method indoors humidity, can use humidifier or basin water is put to wait on central heating. And when the summer is damp, should many window is ventilated, keep indoor and dry. 3. The exterior is beautiful the natural colour and lustre of bamboo is beautiful, rich flexibility, but not moistureproof, mildewy, hardness warm summer of strong, winter is cool, the dambered surface that uses bamboo regards the exterior as the face, have a kind of individual lasting appeal.[url=]cement wood plastic board uk[/url].
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