How should be real wood floor safeguarded reach maintain?

Even if if good floor maintains undeserved, also can cause undesirable consequence. Waxing is solid Wooden floor Of first selection maintain means, in can penetrating lumber cell wall because of waxiness,[url=]Waterproof Board Made from Recycled Plastic Material Uk[/url] can prevent lumber degenerate and be out of shape. Spread the floor of outfit newly to should maintain every months commonly. After too certain period, can one season or half an year (should inspect woodiness density discretion and character) . Clear at ordinary times when real wood floor do not bathe, dirty place is used twist dry wet cloth a little rub-up can. If encounter water be soiled to should be wiped in time, avoid keen, clog to fall, if meet the floor board with lumber inferior density, still should notice to avoid leather shoes having a hammer to walk as far as possible kick or the clog procrastinates move.

One, after laid of real wood floor ends, had better wax in time. In using a process at ordinary times, every 3 months wax can. Do not hit actually also but, but often wax, what can retain a floor board is bright and clean degree, [url=]Composite Decking Mixture Being Heated[/url]prolong the service life of real wood floor.

2, if produce dip of bedding face seeper carelessly, or bureau minister time is immersed by water, should be after discovery as soon as possible catchment, make its natural and dry, forbidden use electric heat implement stoving or insolate below sunshine.

3, the humidity inside the room shoulds not be too big, avoid wooden floor and many water contact as far as possible, retain a floor board dry, bright and clean, daily cleanness is used twist dry cotton mop to wipe can; [url=]Wood Panel Singapore[/url] If encounter stubborn besmirch, should use the reoccupy after neuter and clean dissolvent is wiped to twist dry cotton mop to wipe, do not use the organic dissolvent such as acerbity, alkalescent dissolvent or benzine to swab, prohibit laying strong acid sex and alkali sex material on the floor, lest destroy floor surface lacquer bright and clean degree.

4, the attention when real wood floor is used daily avoids heavy metal acute implement, the hard thing such as vitreous ceramics, hobnail implement cut floor; Move also does not delay in floor surface when moving furniture; Do not make the floor is contacted bright fire or place high-power electric heat on the floor directly implement; Do not throw butt on the floor or set too very hot thing directly.

5, expose for long fall in intense sunlight, or of the temperature inside the room rise what demote causes cover of lacquer of real wood floor possibly quickly to shift to an earlier date ageing, answer to avoid as far as possible.[url=]Oak Park Bench Slats[/url] If the home is hollow gas is dry, pull cloth but a few wetter or a water is put on central heating or add with humidifier wet.

6, to maintain real wood floor beautiful extend lacquer range service life, the proposal is annual and cerated maintain twice. Wipe the floor clean first before waxing, be in next the surface is even ground daub a floor wax, brightness is wiped with soft cloth after working a bit can.

Consumer is put in more error when choosing real wood floor board, think e.g. consumer real wood floor is better than compound floor generally, this viewpoint is worth deliberate. Real wood floor is planted to the tree and the requirement of tree age is very strict, fast unripe tree is planted is to cannot use those who make real wood floor board, generally speaking, with what will make the tree of real wood floor tree age is in 80 years old of above, fell trees little a green, if things go on like this, be sure to affect tellurian zoology environment. Consumer is very captious also when choosing real wood floor board, ask not to have off color already, ask not to have scar section again. Real wood floor is natural material, it is completely normal that the tree is growing to be affected as a result of what suffer an environment among the process and have bit of off color, producing scar red-letter day is normal phenomenon more, because the tree wants branching, the place of branching has scar red-letter day. Now, dealer of floor of very much real wood is in advertise poor without color, without scar section, this is in misdirect consumer, it is impossible that real wood floor does not have off color. Current, a few consumer of foreign are willing to choose more when buying real wood floor have a few chromatism, area of section of a few scar, because they feel,this ability is natural.

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